High Point

When the students come to the church at 3:10 pm, they have a light snack and sing some songs before we see where we are flying for the next five weeks.  The Pilot leads the children in teaching about our place of destination and you can be sure a special "someone" will come along to help us learn the point.

After hearing from our Pilot at the beginning of the program some of the kids take some time to play some games while others go to their Hub Time in the classrooms.

Hub Time is where the kids have the opportunity to discuss "The Point" of the lesson for the day.  When everybody has had time to discuss the day's lesson in "Hub Time" and has also had a chance to play some games, we all come back together to learn from God's Word how it all comes together.

The last half hour of our program each week centers around a Bible lesson that solidifies "The Point" of the lesson while teaching a valuable lesson each of us can learn from the Word of God.  We are pleased to have kids from many church backgrounds involved in our lessons each week and would like to invite all who are able to attend.